New Construction in the San Antonio Med Center? #SATX

One of the new home builders I partner with just asked me to start marketing BRAND new homes in the Medical Center area! Too cool! Could be a good investment as a rental? Let me know if you would like more information. 210-478-8555  Charley Wasson, Realtor Texas Premier Realty


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New Construction homes in Alamo Heights?

I just got an insider’s tip from one of my builder partners that there’s going to be a new home development in Alamo Heights!  I don’t have any specifics just yet, but I’m working to get plans, pricing, location etc.  Fill out the information below and I’ll make sure you know as soon as I get it!  Thanks.  Charley Wasson Realtor Texas Premier Realty 210-478-8555

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What’s the cost per foot in Fair Oaks Ranch?

What’s the cost per foot in Fair Oaks Ranch?  Well thanks for asking.  I just ran the numbers for you, and the average cost per square foot over the last 12 months was $139.68.  Over the last 6 months it was $140.71 and for the last 30 days it spiked to $145.15.  (I got someone into a brand new home in the last 30 days in Fair Oaks Ranch for $155.  Half acre lot, with warranty, etc.)  If you want more information just fill out my form please.  Thanks!  Charley Wasson, Realtor with Texas Premier Realty 210-478-8555.

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Two Creeks Leon Springs

I used to sell for one of the builders that built in Leon Springs’ Two Creeks neighborhood.  Because the current developer knows I know alot of families interested in a new home near #Boerne, they shared this with me, and I’d like to share it with you!  Let me know if you have questions, just call me at 210-478-8555 or complete the form below.  Charley Wasson Realtor with Texas Premier Realty.


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Steps to selling a home

If you have been thinking about making your home in Boerne Texas for sale, or possibly just finding out how “much is my home worth” then you have come to the right spot!  Let me know how I can help you, by phone, email or text!  210-478-8555 Charley Wasson, Realtor with Texas Premier Realty.


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How to Homestead in Texas *

Homestead exemptions remove part of your Fair Oaks Ranch home’s value from taxation. If you want to receive a homestead exemption for the taxes on your Boerne area home, the home must first qualify as a residence homestead on January 1 of the year in which you are applying.

There are a couple of requirements:

  1. You must own your home on January 1. (If you are over 65,and/or disabled the January 1 ownership and residency are not required.)
  2. You must use the home as your principal residence on January 1.

A state law that took effect on September 1, 2011 has changed proof of residency requirements for homeowners applying for the property tax homestead exemption.
CLICK HERE to review more information.
Homestead Exemptions are due by April 30th
CLICK HERE to see a list of appraisal districts.
CLICK HERE to review the application for “Residence Homestead Exemption Application Form

*please confirm with your tax professional if you have any questions about the content posted.

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Merry Christmas Movie Trivia

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Are you good at Christmas Movie Trivia?  Let’s find out!

Macaulay Culkin starred in the first Home Alone movie, which turned into a profitable franchise.

How Many Home Alone movies were eventually made?              

  1. 3
  2. 5-Correct Answer
  3. 7


In Die Hard starring Bruce Willis, what was the name of the building the bad guys took over?

  1. Trump Tower
  2. Tower Life Building
  3. Nakatomi Plaza-Correct Answer


In A Christmas Story, Ralphie’s mom warned “You’ll put your eye out!”

According to a 1994 study how many people were really treated in hospital ERs for BB gun related injuries?

  1. 187
  2. 13,975
  3. 47,137-Correct Answer according to


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  If buying or selling real estate is on your, or a friend’s list of things to accomplish in 2017 give me a call.  I’d love to help make it easy for you 210-478-8555!

Charley Wasson Texas Premier Realty

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Get comfortable in Fair Oaks Ranch Texas!

Take a seat and stay a while. Or if you’d like to stay even longer, let’s get together soon and I’ll help you find the perfect place to call home in #Fair Oaks Ranch Texas!  210-478-8555. Charley Wasson. Texas Premier Realty  

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Just in time for Halloween in Boerne!

I saw this article on and thought it would be fun to share!

What’s Causing Those Spooky Sounds and Smells?

By: John Riha

Are you haunted by strange noises and weird odors? With the proper maintenance, you’ve got more than a ghost of a chance to rest easy.

Creaking and Popping in the Night

The many materials that make up your house — wood framing, plywood, glass, metal ducts, nails, plumbing pipes — all expand and contract at different rates.

When a house cools at night, these materials may move slightly, rubbing against each other and making noises. Occasionally, they’ll contract with an audible pop.

These sounds tend to be more noticeable in fall, when warm days give way to rapidly cooling nights. The bad news? Not much you can do about it. The good news? Those sounds are harmless and normal.

Zombie Odor

It’s either time to throw out the garbage, or you’d better call your gas utility to check on your gas lines and connections.

Natural gas is odorless, but natural gas suppliers add a foul-smelling odorant — butyl mercaptan — to alert occupants to any leaks. The smell is like rotten eggs.

Leaks can occur at your gas-fired water heater, fireplace, clothes dryer, and any gas line. Leaking natural gas is potentially dangerous — leave the house and call your natural gas provider to assess the situation. Most utility companies perform safety checks for free.

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Footsteps in the Attic

Amplified by an unfinished attic space, a raccoon or even a good-size squirrel on your roof might sound like an ax murderer is doing the polka overhead.

These rooftop transits are normal for critters — roofs offer a nice long unobstructed highway.

Make sure your soffit, rafter, and gable roof vents are covered with screens and in good shape, or your rooftop buddies might find their way into your attic for real. Trim back branches that provide critters easy access to your roof.

Something’s Burning

You can smell the odor of burnt wood, but the smoke detectors aren’t going off and there’s no smoke in the house. The culprit could be your fireplace — even if you haven’t had a fire for days.

The probable cause is a drafty chimney and negative air pressure in your home, meaning that outside air is infiltrating down your chimney, bringing stale burnt smells with it.

Stop drafts by making sure your damper has a good seal. Regulate air pressure by adding more cold air return ducts to your HVAC system. You’ll get rid of the odor and save on your energy bill, too.

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Moaning and Clattering

These classic spooky sounds often show up when the wind blows and there’s a storm brewing.

Vents for clothes dryers, bathrooms, and water heaters exit out the roof or the side of the house. To prevent backdrafts, these vents have dampers — flaps designed to let vented air out and prevent outside air from coming in. These flaps sometimes move and rattle in high winds.

Because dampers often are located in attics or in between floor joists, the sound can be difficult to pinpoint. You may need a new damper ($85).

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What does BOM stand for?

BOM stands for Back on Market.  A home that was either under Active Option, or perhaps Pending, has come back on the market.  A previous contract has been terminated, and the property is now available again for the next buyer.  There are a number of reasons a property may be BOM.  Sometimes it’s something you could worry about, and sometimes not.  To play it safe, get a good Realtor involved.  You will be well served contacting a good realtor.  I’d love to help you.  210-478-8555.  Charley Wasson, Texas Premier Realty

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