How to buy a home in Boerne Texas

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are getting started in your Boerne home-hunt:

1. Am I prequalified to buy a home in Boerne TX?
If you are prequalified and want to buy in 78006, it will help speed up the process when you find the right home to buy. If not, I can tell you about the benefits of getting prequalified, like showing your family homes you can afford, clearing up any potential credit issues early on, etc.
2. How much do I know about the process of finding and buying a home in Boerne or Fair Oaks Ranch?
Some borrowers, particularly first-time homebuyers, are unfamiliar with the steps it takes to become a homeowner. To help avoid any confusion down the road, I can help borrowers have an understanding of the buying process, my role as an agent, the lender’s role and the current housing market.
3. Am I prepared to pay for closing costs, homeowners insurance, mortgage insurance and property taxes when you buy a house in Boerne Texas?
Many homebuyers are surprised to learn the true cost of becoming a homeowner in 78006. By telling you up front about the costs that you will be responsible for, you’ll know what to expect when it’s time to apply for a loan.


This is meant to be a guide to starting your search for homes for sale in Boerne Texas.  It would be my pleasure to discuss the steps more, and make this process an easy one for you.  Please give me a call so we can get started at 210-478-8555.  I’d love to meet you out for coffee to discuss your dream home, and how we can find it together!  Charley Wasson, Realtor



About Charley Wasson

I'm Charley Wasson, a Texas Realtor with the Laughy Hilger Group LLC. Call me for information on how easy and affordable it is to own a new home! This area features great schools, and a lifestyle that is truly unmatched in the San Antonio area. You’ll enjoy an easy drive to San Antonio and Hill Country living. Call me at 210-478-8555 for more information. Thanks! ​Texas Law requires all real estate licensees to give the following information about brokerage services (copy and paste to your browser):
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