They “love their new home” but. . .

I like to take a few days each week to drive around to visit new home builders in the Boerne, Texas area. Looking at current floor plans and communities helps me stay abreast of what is happening with the real estate market.

During one of my drives through a new home community, I saw a couple out foe an evening stroll. I rolled down my window, introduced myself as a realtor and asked them if they would tell me a little a little bit about their purchase experience.

They both agreed, and agreed, “We love our new home!”

However they admitted they were simultaneously frustrated. I asked, “Why?”

They proceeded to tell me that even though they closed escrow in the spring (it was now 6 months later) there were still some construction items that has not been addressed.

They voiced their frustration to their construction manager who just seemed more interested in building new homes than fixing these 6 month old problems.

They had emailed multiple lists trying to get repairs done. Sometimes one thing would be addressed, but they just couldn’t seem to get everything done.  They described a constant struggle of trying to schedule appointments with contractors to come finish the work. These unfortunate souls had often carved out valuable time in the middle of their workdays for appointments with contractors that never showed up.  RUDE!

After hearing them vent their frustration about this new homebuilder I asked them if they had a realtor when they made their new home purchase. They reluctantly replied. . . “no.”

They had not used the services of a real estate agent, but wished they had. They admitted hindsight is always 20/20.

Please dear reader don’t let this happen to you.

As your real estate agent it is my job to put your interests first and foremost. If the builder asks you to go to the title company and close escrow on your new home I will strongly advise you to not accept the home until you are 100% satisfied that the construction is complete!

I firmly believe no builder ever sets out to deliver an incomplete house.  But the fact of the matter is that once you close escrow, they have your money and you lose a huge bargaining chip.  You may never get those repairs complete.

Construction managers get busy, trade partners fail to show up, and ultimately you feel frustration from accepting a home that is not up to your standards.  Would you buy a new car that was scratched on the promise that “we’ll buff that out next week?”

If you are considering a new home purchase please call me to represent you as your realtor. I don’t mind being the bad guy. I will tell thee builder that you are not satisfied and will not close until your home is done and done right!

For more information on why you should chose me to be you realtor when making a new home purchase, please fill out the information below, then click here.



About Charley Wasson

I'm Charley Wasson, a Texas Realtor with the Laughy Hilger Group LLC. Call me for information on how easy and affordable it is to own a new home! This area features great schools, and a lifestyle that is truly unmatched in the San Antonio area. You’ll enjoy an easy drive to San Antonio and Hill Country living. Call me at 210-478-8555 for more information. Thanks! ​Texas Law requires all real estate licensees to give the following information about brokerage services (copy and paste to your browser):
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